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Swimming Pool Company Insurance

Service Companies

As a service company you are responsible for the maintenance and service of your customers pools and spas. You spend your time traveling from customer to customer, single family homes, apartment buildings, gyms, etc. ensuring that your customers pool and spa continue to run smoothly without any issues. This continuing movement from place to place, as well as the work you do does not come without any obstacles. Swimming pool and spa service contractors face a variety of unique risks. Events like workplace injuries, damage to customers property, damage to specialized equipment, and accidents while traveling to a job site could have significant impact on the bottom line of a service company.

Here at CPA we work with multiple service companies, from small to large in size.  We have the knowledge and expertise to offer the right coverage for your service company. Depending on your business size, number of employees, type of work that you do, we can tailor fit an insurance policy that will have you covered in the event the unexpected happens.

Here are some of our suggested insurance options for service companies:

  • General Liability
  • Workers Comp
  • Truck Insurance
  • Tools & Equipment

Take the time and talk to one of our California Pool Association (CPA) experts today and learn about the different coverages available to you as a Pool & Spa service company.

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