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Pool and Spa Association


Pool and Spa Service Operations

The California Pool Association (CPA) is a trade organization working on behalf of our members to provide affordable insurance options. Although our core program is designed for Service, Repair and Maintenance Technicians, we can handle all of your insurance needs for all types of swimming pool operations. We are a one-stop shop to swimming pool industry for insurance expertise and great service. Here are some of the types of operations we work with:

Swimming Pool Company Insurance

Service Companies As a service company you are responsible for the maintenance and service of your customers pools and spas. You spend your time traveling from customer to customer, single family homes, apartment buildings, gyms,...

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Pool Construction & Remodel Insurance

Pool & Spa Construction, Remodeling and Liners Pool construction and remodeling is a specialized trade that presents a variety of unique risks. Leaks, popped pools, faulty work allegations, damaged property…and more often than not these...

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Swimming Pool Shop Insurance

Retail Shops You sell a variety of products to pool and spa owners as well as to pool & spa contractors. Your retail shop is your source of income and livelihood. There are a variety...

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Pool & Spa Inspections As a Pool & Spa Inspector, you check a variety of factors in determining whether a pool or spa is fit for use. Inspections are mandatory for public pools and frequently...

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Pool & Spa Manufacturers Pool & Spa Manufacturers produce a wide gambit of products. You might produce heaters, products to check the water balance in pools, energy solution products, cleaners, pumps and everything in between....

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