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Swimming Pool Contractor Insurance

Why You Need Specialized Coverage

Every business is unique, each with a different strategy, company structure and ever evolving needs. There is no “one size fits all” insurance policy for your business, which is why it’s critical to have coverage that is customizable to meet those needs. Not just for today’s situation but also for what tomorrow may bring.

This is why California Pool Association members have access to tailored programs for all types of Swimming Pool companies. Every policy comes with enhanced coverage to protect you from the claims that happen most. Overflow, chemical spills on site and on the highway and workmanship property damage. You’ll also gain access to additional coverage options available to broaden your protection even further.

The funny thing is the best usually costs the most…not true with CPA. By joining, you will have access to the lowest cost insurance programs, offering better coverage at an unbeatable value. Flexible to fit the needs of any sized company, whether you’re an owner operator or a company with employees. The larger the company, the bigger the savings…all while improving your coverage!

Insurance is like any other financial aspect of your business, if you make mistakes it could cost you big. Become a member today to gain access to the experts who know your industry and will protect you with customized insurance solutions to fit your needs today and your needs in the future.

Here are some of the Insurance Options Available for you: