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Pool Construction & Remodel Insurance

Pool & Spa Construction, Remodeling and Liners

Pool construction and remodeling is a specialized trade that presents a variety of unique risks. Leaks, popped pools, faulty work allegations, damaged property…and more often than not these risks come up after the job is complete! Your goal is to complete your build, finish the installation, complete the repairs and ensure that your customers are satisfied with a job well done. However, accidents do happen and our job is to help you be covered when they do.

The right insurance coverage will help cover for injuries and property damage caused to other people during construction, installation, remodeling or liner installations. It can also protect your tools, equipment, vehicles and any other materials that you use to perform your job. Additionally, in the event of a lawsuit related to your work, your insurance will assist you with legal defense and expenses for covered claims.

Here are some of our suggested insurance options for construction and remodeling companies:

To build or remodel a swimming pool takes an expert in the trade. Insuring Pool Construction contractors takes an expert in insurance. Talk to one of our California Pool Association (CPA) experts today and learn about the different coverage available to you. Ensure that the next construction or remodeling you do, won’t be the last one.

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