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Pool Contractor Insurance – Truck Insurance

CPA and Inszone Insurance Services have partnered with leading commercial auto insurance carriers to bring best in class coverage at discounted premiums! Here is why you need commercial auto insurance:

  • Personal auto policies exclude coverage for business use
  • Your commercial pool account requested commercial auto coverage on your certificate of insurance
  • Business owners are likely liable for accidents caused by their employees while on the job
  • Million(s) dollar limits are available
  • Coverage is available for your employees who drive their own vehicle
  • Coverage is available for rented or borrowed vehicles in case of an emergency
  • Auto accidents are the most common type of claim swimming pool service companies are faced with.

You may have heard that commercial auto insurance is too expensive and you’re too busy to get quotes! We’ll make it easy on you. Email a copy of your current policy to Our agent will do a full policy review for you.

Auto has the highest frequency of accidents/claims out of any type of insurance. Accidents happen all day, every day across the nation and many times are very severe. You don’t want to find out the hard way your current policy doesn’t cover your claim or wasn’t enough. You’ve worked hard to grow your business to this point, don’t take chances with your auto coverage.

Protecting your investment is worth the look and most of our members save big! For more info click here.