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Pool Contractor Insurance – Tools & Equipment

As a Pool and Spa professional, you rely heavily on your tools to complete your job. Whether you are repairing a spa, replacing equipment, installing a new pad, draining and cleaning a pool, building a new pool etc., your tools are vital to your job. Additionally, they aren’t cheap to replace! And are constantly on the move as you go from job to job, they can get damaged, lost or even stolen. Standard property insurance may only cover your tools and equipment while at your businesses physical location. Let’s face it, you spend more time in the truck than the office. Make sure you’ve got the right coverage in place to protect what’s critical to getting the job done.

A tools and equipment policy can provide coverage against:

  • Rented, loaned and leased equipment.
  • Pay to repair or replace your tools if stolen or damaged in a car accident.
  • Pay to repair or replace equipment if stolen or damaged.
  • Heavier equipment can be scheduled at replacement cost if stolen or damaged.

Talk to one of our insurance experts today and discuss the type tools and equipment in your truck(s). Our insurance experts can walk you through the available coverages and protect your assets from theft and accidents.

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