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Pool Contractor Insurance – Other Essential Coverages

Pollution Liability

While there is pollution coverage already built into our service General Liability program, the maximum available limit is $50,000. Now $50,000 will meet the needs of the vast majority, however we know many companies want more.

You may buy liquid chemicals in bulk and have a store, a yard or a facility where you hold it in tanks. You may simply want the peace of mind knowing that you’re covered even in the worst auto accident with chemicals that make their way into a storm drain or stream. For any reason that keeps you up at night worried about chemical spills, we’ve got you covered.

Additional pollution liability policies are available with limits up to $1,000,000 to give you the peace of mind at that added protection. You’ll be surprised at how low the cost of these policies run, get a quote today!

Umbrella/Excess Liability

When the main policy limits just aren’t enough to sleep good at night, a commercial umbrella lets you add additional layers of protection over your primary policies. You can have multiple layers of $1 Million set over your General Liability, Commercial Auto, Workers Comp and/or any other policy you’d like. Even with primary limits of $1 million per occurrence on most policies, you can run through it quickly when the worst happens. You may also be required to carry an umbrella to meet a contract requirement on a commercial job.

Whether it means meeting a contract requirement or just adding to your protection, we can help with all of your umbrella needs. Get a quote today!


Contractor State License Boards across the United States demand a bond be in place as a requirement for your license. You may also need a performance or contract bond for larger construction jobs. With access to all of the major bond markets nationwide, we can help. Get a quote today!