The Basics of Insuring a Swimming Pool

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Having a pool can turn a backyard into the party hub for family and friends. While a pool is an exciting addition to anyone’s home, it also comes with added responsibility and risks.

Having the proper insurance for a backyard pool is essential. The root of the issue is this, do your clients need specialty coverage for their swimming pool or is their homeowner’s insurance sufficient?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Swimming Pools?

The short answer is yes, homeowners’ insurance can cover swimming pools. Not all insurers cover swimming pools, and many require additional steps to minimize risks such as adding a fence or other safety features. The best approach in providing coverage for a swimming pool is for your clients to discuss coverages with their experienced insurance agent.

Do Above Ground Pools Require Coverage?

Insurance companies are looking at the possibility of property damage or injury. This risk exists for both above and in-ground pools. Talking with their agent can help clarify any specific questions they may have about insuring their pool and any stipulations they may need to fall in line with.

Many people decide to add umbrella insurance to add additional coverage beyond what their homeowner’s insurance would payout in the case of damage or an incident. This leads us to another important question: How much insurance is enough insurance?

How Much Insurance Is Enough Insurance?

The true test isn’t whether your clients have insurance for their home that includes coverage for the pool, but if their limits are high enough to protect them in case of an incident. If someone is injured, will their limits be high enough to cover the expenses of the person’s medical treatment, the legal fees that may come from being sued, as well as any compensation that an injured person may be awarded in a civil lawsuit against your client?

If your client is asking how much insurance is enough, the answer is, how much can they afford? Insurance is meant to provide protection from the risks accompany having a pool on their property. The more insurance they carry, the more protection they have from those risks.

A swimming pool might be the center of fun, but having one come with liability. Your clients should be aware of the need to protect their investment and carry essential. With the proper insurance policy, they can protect their property and financial future for the years to come.