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Pool Contractor Insurance – Property

Coverage is not only necessary when you are out in the field building or repairing a pool or spa. Property insurance is also necessary for your primary place of operation, where you store your equipment and supplies, especially if you have a store front.

  • For building owners we have access to the nation’s leading insurance carriers to protect your structure.
  • For tenants leasing their space, we can help insure you contents and inventory
  • We will help you bundle liability with property to ensure your bases are covered and any contract/lease requirement is met

Specialized property coverage is available for your business contents such as computers, furniture and inventory stored at your facility.

Specialized policies to cover earthquake, flood, wind and hail are also available.

Unforeseen issues can arise such as fire, vandalism and theft. Any of these situations can put you in a tough spot financially if you don’t have the right coverage. Keep your investments secure and keep your business running smoothly.

A Property insurance policy can provide coverage against:

  • Damage caused by fire, theft and vandalism.
  • Loss of income due to any of the items above.

We often find that many customers we speak with are under insured in this area and lack the coverage they need in the event their property is damaged. Talk to one of our insurance experts today and discuss the type of property you currently have and what the right coverage is for you. Get a quote today!