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What is the mission statement The California Pool Association follows?

We will continually strive to provide the most flexible, relevant and impactful business solutions to help improve our members bottom line. We are nimble in finding solutions and will work harder to provide the best service than any association in the industry.

What benefits do members receive by joining?

Through our partnership with Inszone, we’re able to connect our members to a variety of A-Rated insurance carriers that quite simply give better coverage for less money. These include lines of business such as General Liability, Workers Compensation, Bonds, Commercial Auto, Equipment Coverage, Building coverage and more. They also have access to a unique management team, with decades of industry experience, to help in providing guidance when navigating the complex waters of today’s business landscape.

Is the California Pool Association nationwide? If not, in what states can people join?

We offer membership and access to insurance programs nationwide.

Is there a Cost to join the California Pool Association?

Yes, depending on your status as a chapter member, an individual member and the state you are in. Chapter members have a one-time $50 membership due, individual members a $100 one-time membership due. This may vary in states outside of California but remain very uniform across the nation.

Does the California Pool Association have member meetings? How often? Who attends; What is the purpose for gathering?

What makes us unique is we offer both chapter membership and individual membership. We want to be flexible to meet the needs of the individual businesses and we understand those needs vary business to business.

What is the structure of the meetings?

For those that do meet, chapters manage their own meeting schedules and agendas. Our chapters meet monthly, quarterly or only a handful of times per year, whatever schedule is at their own pace. We want quality meetings, with members who want to be there and participate. Not members who are forced to be there whether they like it or not.

Does the California Pool Association provide for any educational opportunities? If so what?

Yes, we have referral partners that give discounted rates on CPO training courses and other educational opportunities. Referral networks are a big part of what we strive to offer but at the end of the day, we focus on improving the members business risk management and bottom line costs.

Can members receive discounted pricing from industry vendors/manufacturers? If so, from who or what? (equipment discounts, discounts on certifications/licensing, discounts on trade show admission…other?)

Yes, there are many rebate programs available from your usual distributor that our program qualifies for. PEP, SCP, Superior, and many local smaller distributors in many areas. As mentioned above, certification discounts are also available through our referral partners.

Does the California Pool Association host any trade shows or educational events/seminars?

While we participate in trade shows and table tops across the country, we don’t host any ourselves.

Does the California Pool Association participate in community outreach programs?

We are active with our local charities where we are staffed to participate and have offices in Sacramento and Anaheim, CA.

Are there any internal networking opportunities for members? If so, what or how? (Christmas parties, picnics, golf tournaments…).

The nice thing about CPA is our accessibility, members have our direct phone and can call or text us if they are looking for networking opportunities.

Does the California Pool Association lobby for legislative issues, regulations…?

No, we do not. We don’t push our agenda, we support our members in theirs. As stated above we charge extremely modest fees and lobbying efforts are expensive. Many of our members donate time and money. We make efforts to spread important information in our newsletters but we do not solicit money from our members to support lobbying efforts.

What do your members say is the most valuable aspect of belonging to your association?

Service, trade knowledge, flexibility, value/pricing without sacrificing coverage and access. We get a lot of comments on our 5-Star rated certificate program for those with commercial customers. We have a 3-hour max turnaround for these requests and the expertise to handle the tough 3rd party vendors quickly and efficiently.