Wow! What a year for CPA!

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It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago Pat and I set out to help a former UPA Chapter work through some concerns they had about the shared limits on their policy. As we collaborated with the group we found all sorts of problems. Members who didn’t even operate a pool service business believed they were covered by that policy. A policy that they could not even get a copy of. Members bought insurance and paid dues without ever consulting with a licensed insurance agent?

We eliminated all of those problems for that first group and a few others. March 1st was the one year anniversary of CPA. We accomplished some goals this year. We have a successful program that provides options. Options are important! Those who want to participate in a chapter format can and those who don’t, we’re not going to fine you or take away your insurance. The good news is only gets better from here. Here’s what we’ve been up to this year.

First, the insurance professionals at Inszone Insurance Services have expanded the team dedicated to servicing CPA members. It’s not just Pat and I now. Tatiana Ramos joined the team this year. From Brazil, fluent in Spanish Tatiana has been able to effectively advise and service our Hispanic members. Recently joining the team is Matthew Murray. Matthew has an extensive background in both advising clients and claims handling. Laurie Graves is an account manager of 15 years. Laurie is dedicated to handling your policy changes and general concerns. You may have also worked Natalie Fanin, who before joining Inszone worked at prominent insurance company as a Workers Comp underwriter.

Many have commented about the effectiveness of CPA’s marketing, logo, swag items, and trade show booth. Troy Conant joined the team this year as our marketing director. He’s successfully positioned CPA’s branding to fuel growth. Look for website additions and improvements such as a forms data base and certificate of insurance request that can be done from your mobile device this year. We’re also looking at outside the box ways to help CPA members grow their businesses.

Inszone has provided us with a customer service guarantee that will insure you receive certificates of insurance within three hours of requesting so long as your policy meets the needs of the request and you order your certificates through the website or by emailing Don’t forget that Inszone provides the same great service for Home, Personal Auto, Workers Comp, and most other types of Insurance.

The CPA GL program provides more value than any of its kind. Our rate is untouchable. The coverage is per member and per project, no shared limits here. The specific pool service and repair industry endorsements are right there in black and white with your policy. We’ve added the property damage coverage extension as an option. For those who have requested a quote on truck insurance, you’re saving money and enhancing your coverage. There are many members who moved from a Personal Auto Policy to a Commercial Auto Policy and still saved money! We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to enhance our coverage options without forcing a price increase on anybody. We’re staying true to our roots and providing “options”.

We attended three big shows in our first year, The Western Pool and Spa Show, PIE, and Everything Under the Sun. The turnout at our booth and interest in our association has been remarkable. It seems the industry has been waiting for a fresh approach. Looking for an association with options and frame work instead of borders and inside the box thinking. In addition to the trade shows we also teamed up with Hayward and Alan Smith Pool Plastering for an event. Spending time at the supply houses talking with Pool Techs became part of the normal routine. The associations’ growth to more than 300 members in one year has been fueled by the people taking the time to talk with us about their concerns and helping us form the right solutions. With your help and referrals we plan to go even bigger in CPA’s 2nd year. Thanks for putting your confidence in us!

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