New Standards for Swimming Pools in California

California is making a big move to cut down on the pollution caused by greenhouse gases by 2025. The State Energy Commission has made it a rule that all new swimming pool equipment sold in the state has to have features that make sure pools use less electricity when everyone else is using a lot. This helps keep the electricity grid from getting too busy during those times.

Pools use a lot of electricity in California homes. There are over 1.3 million pools dug into the ground, and about 15,000 more are put in every year. That’s a lot of energy for pools! The state thinks that by using pool equipment that saves energy, it will be like getting rid of 85,000 cars that run on gas.

This isn’t just about cutting down on pollution. Andrew McAllister, who leads the team that makes rules for appliances, says this can also make sure we have enough electricity to go around, especially when we use clean energy like solar and wind power.

California is the first to use this smart technology for pools, and it’s setting an example for other places. Justin Wiley from the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance thinks other states will start doing the same because there are no country-wide rules for this kind of smart tech yet. California is really leading the way here.

The big plan in California is to use smart tech to make up to 7,000 megawatts of electricity available. By using electricity when there’s less demand for it and choosing clean energy, the state wants to have a better and more eco-friendly electricity system.

Q: How does adding smart tech to pool equipment help the environment?

A: By using electricity when there’s less demand for it, pools don’t need as much energy, which means less pollution.

Q: How many pools are there in California?

A: There are over 1.3 million pools in the ground in California, and about 15,000 new ones are added every year.

Q: Will other states copy California’s rules?

A: Yes, California’s approach is seen as a good example, and other states are likely to consider doing something similar.

Q: What’s good about smart tech in pool equipment?

A: Smart tech lets pools use electricity when it’s cheaper and cleaner, which helps make sure we don’t run out of power, and we use more green energy.

Q: Is there a national rule for this smart pool tech?

A: No, there’s no national rule for this, so California is really leading the way in this area.