Signs It’s Time for a Pool Renovation

Signs It’s Time for a Pool Renovation

Every pool is subject to wear and tear throughout its life, especially if it isn’t properly taken care of. A pool renovation may seem like a huge undertaking to your clients, but there are signs that make it easier to understand from a pool owner point of view why it may be time for a renovation.

Plumbing Issues

Many customers may think of the aesthetic side of pool renovations, but there is a great deal that can be done to renovate a pool by renovating the system that it uses. This is often the easiest justification for a customer as it leads to many other issues from a point, they can see for themselves. Common plumbing problems can include water leaks and cracked or clogged pipes. Numerous issues might arise from pool leakage. It can trigger algae growth and alter the pH levels of the pool water, and if it isn’t addressed right away, it can lead to poor pool hygiene.

Lack of Energy Efficiency

The effects of aging on inground pools are numerous. Clients waste a lot of energy heating the water and running the pump if they swim in a pool that was built more than ten years ago. Older pools’ equipment may have an impact on energy use. For instance, an older pump consumes a lot more energy than its contemporary counterparts.

The client’s pool pump can be easily modified to greatly increase energy efficiency, and this might be the point to harp on to get the client on board for a much-needed renovation. Modern pumps could consume up to 45% less energy than their predecessors. A new heater is another option to increase energy efficiency as replacing the outdated gas heater with a more energy-efficient model can save money. Depending on the climate, a heat pump or solar pool heater might be the better option.

Rough to the Touch

You may want to ask your client: Is the interior of the pool too rough to touch with your hands or feet? The surface can deteriorate if the pH level is maintained out of balance and time is the most frequent offender.

The surface of a swimming pool may deteriorate with time and the pool might appear old and unkempt because of it. Clients should anticipate a pool surface to endure between 5 and 15 years, depending on the style.

There are many reasons, including aesthetics, that can be the deciding factor for clients to pull the trigger on a pool renovation. No matter the project, be sure that you are insured with an agent who knows the business and can help you protect what you’ve worked so hard for.