Prospect to Paid – The Ultimate Pool Builder Checklist

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Customers who are considering installing a pool at their residence are undoubtedly aware of the numerous decisions and preparations required. The most crucial step is picking the right company for the job. Does your business have everything a customer needs to choose you? What makes you stand out among others?

Here are some of the qualities that clients would like to consider when choosing a pool builder:

Business Information and Experience

As a pool builder, you should constantly verify that customers can find your business online and that the information they are finding is accurate and reflects the best parts of your company. Check that the links in your online profile are leading where you want them to, for example that a button to email the company is leading to the correct contact and is functioning quickly.

Customer References and Reviews

Before reaching out to your business, potential customer will most likely look for you on Google or social media. It is important that customers can read customer experiences and reviews, on those pages or if you have it, on your website. Also, show your work! We are visual creatures, so when a potential customer is looking for a company online, coming across photos of past work can put you over the edge.

Any business that provides services must prioritize the client experience. Customers frequently read reviews before hiring you, so one of the best things you can do is post reviews that include concrete examples of how you have helped your clients. These specifics will provide them with a better understanding of what it would be like to work for your company.


No matter your diligence, accidents are bound to happen on the job. When these problems arise, it is important to have a good team behind you to fix the issue without your business taking all of the heat. Good insurance and an experienced agent can be the difference between fixing damage to a client’s property quickly or leaving them with a poor experience to share online or within their circles.

Installation Practices

Being up to date with the latest in the industry can prove you to be the subject matter expert, giving the client a sense of comfort in the work that your company would complete.

Pricing and Contract

Don’t forget to provide your clients with any documents pertaining to the contract or cost. The total cost of the work should be included in the contract or written estimate. Transparency is key for a good customer experience.

While there is no way to guarantee that any of these will be the turning point for every client, they are all important pieces of showcasing your company to potential clients. Your client will likely spend a pretty penny to complete this project, but they may only spend a few seconds looking at the potential companies before making a decision. Use these tips to be sure that your company comes out on top.