Pool Contractor: Protect Yourself with Pool Contractor Insurance

Pool Contractor_ Protect Yourself with Pool Contractor Insurance

Although running a swimming pool installation and maintenance business might be profitable, there are several possible dangers involved. You could be held financially liable for any injuries or property damage if a pool-related mishap can be linked back to your business. Our experts can assist in creating a swimming pool contractor insurance plan that can shield you from client lawsuits, equipment failure, auto accidents, and other covered risks.

Think About Protecting Your:

  • Current and future earnings
  • Movable goods, tools, and equipment
  • Commercial Vehicles

Think About Protecting Yourself From:

  • Negligence and errors that result in lawsuits and financial losses
  • injury or damage brought on by your services
  • Damage caused by subpar construction or materials
  • Exposures to the environment or pollutants
  • Transport-related equipment and material damage
  • Damage to people or property brought on by your personnel
  • Allegations related to employment
  • Replacing or fixing damaged equipment that is both owned and leased
  • Downtime and lost revenue due to equipment failure
  • Vehicle mishaps that result in injuries and property damage

To cover the incidents that commonly occur in your line of work, it is crucial that your insurance plans are designed specifically for a swimming pool business. Among the large percentage of hazards that aren’t covered by a typical policy include coverage for popped pools, poor craftsmanship, and pollution. Have questions? CPA is here to help! Get in touch with an experienced insurance agent today.