Message From the President

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I want to start out by thanking all of our members. CPA is growing and quickly becoming an association to be reckoned with in the industry. The primary reason for our growth is our members spreading the good word about CPA. You guys and gals get it! Our organization truly understands what it means to be an independent business owner. You keep looking for ways to expand and grow your business and we’ll keep looking for ways to support you.

We’ve been busy! Since the organization was formed in March with Chapter 01 in San Bernardino, CA we’ve added nearly 100 members. We are currently in discussions with several large groups and anticipate clearing the 200-member mark by the end of June. Inland Empire, Orange County, and LA County all have chapters up and running. CPA is gearing up for the Pool Industry Expo in Monterey this September. Come by and see us if you make it to the show. We are making our push into Central and Northern CA over the next few months. Look for chapters popping up.

Troy Conant has been brought in to manage the marketing efforts of CPA. Troy has been hard at work developing our new and improved website, newsletter, and contacting CPA sponsors. Take a look at the new website In the coming weeks look for forms and contracts and an ever-expanding referral network. Make sure you support the businesses who support CPA. If you would like to contract Troy with marketing ideas for CPA or would like to contribute to our newsletter please email him at

Thanks again for all of your support.

Chris Walters
Phone 916-503-8770
Cell 714-501-9186
Fax 916-330-3323