Liner Installations Aren’t a Foreign Language!

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Liner installations aren’t a foreign language!

Liner installations…depending on your part of the country these operations are a foreign language to most insurance agents. Most of the liner contractors I speak with haven’t been able to find an insurance agent that knows what they’re talking about. If they don’t know what you do, how can they advise the right options? Here at Inszone, we speak your language!

I’ll be honest, 99% of the policies we review are a classified incorrectly and will lead to denied claims or costly audits. The General Liability is often rated as a plaster company or pool service company. Keep in mind 95% of the policies have a “limitation to business description” clause written in. This means if it’s outside of what the operations are described as, aka pool service or plaster, there’s no coverage in the event of a claim.

Work Comp is even trickier since there is no specific class code for this type of work. Most that I’ve reviewed are rated as pool service or the catch all of carpentry. One is a very low price and the other is a very high price, neither one are correct unfortunately. Long story short, you’re either paying too much or you’re paying too little and run the risk of a massive audit premium which they can take back up to 5 years per state laws.

We’ve hear horror stories of audit bills coming back at $10k, $20k, $50k, $100k, and up depending on the company size. The bottom line is there is an existing class code specific to liner installation that the Work Comp Bureau has approved. We will get it done right!

Work with an insurance agent who knows your business. Custom coverages, correctly rated policies, all at the best prices in the industry with discounted rates only CPA members qualify for. Give Inszone a shot for all your insurance needs, you’ll be happy you did!


Pat Grignon

Vice President

Inszone Insurance Services, Inc.