LED Technology – The Revolution of Color Lighting for the Backyard

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A Simple Transformation

Advancement in LED technology has revolutionized color lighting for the backyard. The addition of this one design element has the ability to dramatically transform any ordinary backyard into a vivid oasis of color. Pool illumination is no longer just about the safety of night time swimming, it’s become an essential part of the backyard experience.

Historically, the illumination of rock waterfalls, sheers, beach entries, and sun shelfs has required the use of fiber optics due to the tight size and depth constraints. The installation of Pool and Spa lights within these features requires the use of specialized niches, bonding, and grounding. These restrictions ultimately increase the installation costs due to the larger footprint, water depth requirements, or bonding. As the efficiency of LED technology has grown, it has driven the development of smaller more versatile lights that eliminate these restrictions and burdens.

1 ½” Lighting has answered the void of fiber optics. It is now a cost effective solution to offer multiple lights for dramatic illumination extending beyond the pool. These new designs utilize two-wire, low voltage, all-plastic construction that eliminates the restrictions of the previous generations. Many are listed for use wet or dry making them perfect for accentuating rock features or hardscape within the 10ft radius of the pool. The latest 1/2″ generation expands beyond this offering placement in close proximity to water features, decks or even landscape. With all these options available it is truly a wonderful time to be a builder.