Safety Rules for Children in Pools

Girl on Swimming Pool - Banner Image for Kids and Pools: Common Safety Rules

As temperatures rise, as does the use of pools. The safety of everyone is priority, so it’s important to establish a set of clear pool regulations that are understood by all users, particularly kids.

Here are six safety rules to keep in mind around the pool.

1. Adult Supervision is Required

Kids need to understand that they can only enter the pool when there is an adult present. As for the adults, be sure to take turns in looking after the little ones so you have time for some fun too!

2. Feet First

With this rule, emphasize the importance of entering the water feet first for safety and no diving from the sides of the pool. Same rule applies when there’s a slide in the pool. This can protect someone from going headfirst where it is too shallow.

3. No Running

Kids can get excited when they’re near a swimming pool. This often means that instead of walking around the pool, they run. There’s a high risk of injury if someone running falls on the hard surface surrounding the pool and it’s easy to misunderstand just how slippery wet concrete can be.

4. No Glass Around the Pool

It’s ideal for swimming pools to be a glass-free zone. Everyone’s fun for the day will be cut short if there’s broken glass in or around the pool.

5. No Pushing or Rough Horseplay

Make sure to mention that pushing others into the pool isn’t allowed. Rough horseplay like lifting, dunking and tossing other swimmers is highly discouraged. More injuries are waiting to happen this way.

6. Use the Bathroom First

It’s good to encourage kids to use the bathroom before going into the pool and to remind them every now and then to take a quick break.

The swimming pool is a place for nonstop outdoor fun and the pool owner’s first priority should be to establish rules for everyone’s safety.

Here at CPA, we care about your client’s safety in and around the pool. We encourage you to have a quick meeting with them about pool safety, and if possible, have these common safety rules posted in plain sight to serve as a reminder for everyone the importance of safe swimming.

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