Got Clogged Pipes? – Watch for This!

Pool Worker Holding Pool Pipe - Banner Image for Got Clogged Pipes – Watch for This! Blog

Hello CPA members,

I got called out because the pipe from the suction line from the skimmer to the pump.  I could hear noise at the equipment pad.  The suction line from the spa to the pump was good.  I cut the pool suction line and could look down the pipe and see the blockage.  I used some bond wire and make a hook and was able to fish out the blockage.  It looks like the end of the hose from the pool service man.  When he services the pool he is letting his hose get sucked into the 2 inch opening in the skimmer.

The pool man was very lucky I was able to fix this without very much expense.  If in the future the pool service uses a threaded 2inch section of pipe with a 2inch cup link and a reducer 2 inch to 1 1/2 his hose will not get sucked into the skimmer line again.

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