Gas Pool Heating

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Gas Pool Heating
By: Bruce Aubrey Global Product Manager – Heat Technology Hayward Industries, Inc.

A gas pool heater, natural or propane, will heat your pool and/or spa faster than any other heating option available. This is especially significant to pool owners with a desire to use their pools for longer periods of time than their particular climate permits. Whether it’s opening your pool sooner, closing your pool later, or merely swimming well into the night, a gas pool heater extends the length of any pool experience.


When it comes to heating a swimming pool and/or spa, pool owners are typically inclined to search for the most energy efficient, cost effective, and yet fastest speed to heat solution available to meet their particular needs. Energy efficiency, as it pertains to gas pool heating solutions today, entails both the thermal efficiency and the hydraulic efficiency of the specific gas heater. With more pool owners gaining awareness and experiencing the ultimate electrical and hydraulic efficiency with variable speed pump technology and cartridge filtration, it simply “makes sense” to select the most efficient gas pool heater as well. In recent years, the U.S. Department of Energy has mandated that all gas pool heaters have a minimum of 82% thermal efficiency. As a result of these legislative changes, manufacturers ramped up engineering and eagerly complied by producing very efficient heating options. As it currently stands, there are no hydraulic mandates, however each manufacturer provides their hydraulic specifications by presenting the various flow rates for their particular gas pool heater(s). For the consumer, it is very important to review the available data to select the best hydraulically and thermally efficient heating solution, thereby truly achieving the most energy efficient and cost-effective equipment pad for their pool.

Today’s pool owners have hectic, time-constrained lifestyles that make enjoying the comfort and convenience of a quickly and efficiently heated pool and/or spa more important than ever. With time being of the essence, pool owners want to have their pool and/or spa reach the desired, personalized temperature as quickly as possible. Although higher thermal efficiency helps heat faster, there is undoubtedly no substitute for additional BTU’s. For example, operating a 400,000 BTU heater vs. a 250,000 BTU heater tremendously increases the speed to heat without generating any additional cost of gas consumption. The recent introduction of a 500,000 BTU gas pool heater provides residential pool owners the ultimate option to heat their pool and/or spa in the fastest most energy efficient manner possible. The simple addition of 100,000 BTU’s increases the speed to heat efficiency by 18% or 10 minutes faster per 1000 gallons per 1 hour. Whether retrofitting an existing pool or designing and building a new pool, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that pool and spa owners are outfitted with the most thermally efficient, hydraulically efficient, and fastest speed to heat gas heater available. Extending your customer’s pool experience will provide more endless moments of uninterrupted comfort and enjoyment.