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Cryptosporidium or Crypto is an organism that can be introduced into pool water due to fecal contamination. A fecal accident is not necessary for crypto to be in the water. Bathers who have not showered prior to entering a swimming pool can introduce crypto into pool water. If a person ingests water infected with crypto, it can make them seriously ill or worse. Crypto is protected by a hard outer shell which allows it to survive and infect people even when disinfectant levels are normal. Crypto is also able to pass through the best filter systems. So how do we defeat this horrible organism??? Ultra Violet (U.V.) Systems!!!!

U.V. systems don’t kill Crypto but they effectively inactivate Crypto. The energy from the U.V. light stops reproduction of crypto by damaging their DNA. If crypto is not able to reproduce, it makes it difficult for crypto to make a swimmer sick. U.V systems kill and/or inactivate many types of bacteria, viruses, and parasites that are able to make swimmers very sick.

U.V must be used in conjunction with another form of sanitizer. U.V does NOT create a disinfectant residual in the water. In other words, there is no way to test for U.V. disinfectant. For all commercial pools, I highly recommend installing a U.V. system in conjunction with an existing sanitizing system. Pool Operators and owners do not want a crypto outbreak to shut their facilities down. Pool closures due to Crypto have been on the rise. U.V. Systems are helping eliminate this issue. Remember, a safe, fun, clean pool environment is what we are all aiming for!!!

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