CPA’s Got Your Back!

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Since the CPA launched just a handful of months ago, I’ve spoken to hundreds of pool techs about their business needs and insurance options. In some way, shape or form each business has been unique. One area that has and always will be important to us is taking the time to know your business and protect it with the right level of insurance.

What surprises me is the other associations don’t take the time to do this as well. How is a member supposed to know how their coverage works if no one ever takes a few minutes to discuss it with them? This practice has led to many business owners whose operations are excluded from their group policy…and they never knew it.

We recently were presenting to a chapter of another association, I struck up a conversation with a younger business owner who was there to join the association and become a member. He had never discussed insurance with the agent and it turns out that all he does is sandblast tile. He was there to sign up, pay nearly $100 per month and would have never known his operations were not covered under that policy! We were able to work with him to provide a policy that got him covered and he walked away knowing his coverage worked.

Another one that comes up often is family members or relatives involved in a partnership or working in the business together. Brothers are partners and both in the field but only one of them was a member of the association they belonged to. The non-member brother was completely uncovered and they had no idea. This chapter dues and insurance were over $100 a month and he needed to join or remain uncovered. We were able to put both brothers on one CPA policy for the business and it was only $94 a month. In this case it saved the business over $1,400 per year and got everyone protected.

In both these instances a 10-minute discussion was the difference between having coverage or not for their businesses. These are only two out of the dozens of similar situations that I’ve come across when handling the intake of new members. It is a necessary step to ensure the CPA gives each member the tools they need for their business to be a success.

You all work hard to put dollars in your pocket, when you spend them you deserve a great value. That value is what the CPA is committed to providing to our membership, we’re going to take the time and do it right. To all our current and future members, the CPA’s got your back!

Pat Grignon
Vice President
Phone 916.503.6359