Can You Insure a Swimming Pool Contractor?

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Can CPA cover a Pool Builder?   Here at Inszone, we are the independent agency that manages the insurance programs for CPA members. We’ve got exclusive access to a variety of different insurance programs for the construction trades. Whether your company specializes in building, remodels or operates as a subcontractor for plaster, excavation, tile, concrete, etc…we can get you covered. For those that do it all, we will customize a program to cover the operations that are a combination of service and construction.   Building or remodeling a swimming pool is a tough project and normally takes place in a confined space. The exposures you will face range from your every-day injury or property damage all the way to popped pools or chemical spills. Traditional insurance policies don’t cover these types of incidents. You need the right policy to cover those unique risks and if your current agent doesn’t know pools, they don’t know how to protect your business.   Here are some of the available coverages for builders and service companies:

  1. General liability (GL)

Covers third party injuries or property damages because of your operation. These are commonly referred to as slip, trip and fall policies. It’s not a very common that a third party will randomly wander onto your job site and hurt themselves, that’s why it’s important to consider enhanced coverage for the accidents that frequently happen. Popped pool coverage, faulty workmanship and pollution coverage are just a few examples of the high % risks that aren’t addressed by a standard policy.

  1. Pollution insurance

This is excluded under every general liability policy, you need to address pollution risks with a separate policy or an enhancement to your standard policy. These can range from chemical spills out of the back of a truck in an auto accident or a simple spill that ends up going down the wrong drain impacting the water table or environment.

  1. Commercial vehicle insurance

Pickups, flatbeds, dump trucks, utility trucks…all vehicles used during your operation will need a commercial auto policy to cover them. Remember, every personal policy has an exclusion for business usage. Even if they offer a business usage endorsement on a personal policy, they intend it for light commercial use not construction.


  1. Workers’ compensation insurance

Covers any injuries to your workers while on the job site, driving to the job site or at your shop. In 49 out of 50 states it’s mandatory to carry this coverage and required by law. The coverages vary by state so you’ll want to work with an independent agent who’s able to provide a variety of options and advice.

These are just some of the coverage options available for swimming pool contractors.

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Pat Grignon

Vice President

Inszone Insurance Services, Inc.