Benefits of Joining an Industry Association

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One of the many ways that you can enhance your profession and brand image is by joining industry or trade associations. Industry or trade associations are organized groups of individuals with a common purpose, interest or activity. The benefits that you can get from joining these associations will depend on your career or company goals and objectives. Here are some of the major benefits you can get once you join a specific association:

  1. Networking and enhancing your connections

Networking is perhaps one of the main reasons why most professionals and companies join associations. And it is indeed one of the major benefits of it. In an association, every member is given an opportunity to know the other members within the group. They get to talk and interact with like-minded individuals who they can exchange industry information and support. Networking with the other members of the association can also help people get and meet new customers and progress further in the industry.

  1. Broaden your knowledge

Once you are a member of an association, you get exclusive insights and information about your industry. This usually helps members to foresee trends, get to know new products and services, and generally be involved in the relevant information about their specific industry. Usually, members acquired these information and news updates through newsletters, case studies, articles, white papers, books and more.

  1. Training opportunities

Associations usually provide free training and education to members that is focused on their industry. Usually, it is given through e-learning, market information, and organizing specific events like seminars or webinars. This can help professionals gain additional knowledge and even certifications that they can use to boost their career or improve their company operations.

  1. Career opportunities

Associations also provide exclusive job postings or opportunities to its members. This is a great way for members to find the most suitable careers for them. Aside from that, associations also provide resources and tips about effective resumes or cover letters, job searching strategies, negotiation techniques and more. There are also industry experts that members and talk to and ask for consultation on specific career issues.

  1. Improve business’ reputation and trusts

Often times, customers or clients viewed companies or individuals who are members of a good association as trustworthy. Clients also interpret that the business is established, accepted by the industry and follows specific standards and best practices. Furthermore, associations can also give awards, certifications, badges to members who have notable performance.

  1. Save more money

Associations can help their members find the right suppliers and can even help out in closing good deals. This can significantly help the members to save more money and time in finding the right supplier for their business.   Furthermore, associations provide relevant and exclusive discounts and deals to its members. These discounts are usually on specific products and services given by the other members of the associations. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

  1. Good Public Relations

Associations always aim for good image and public reputations. And having a good public reputation will be reflected to all of its members. So the members also get to be viewed as a trusted and established brand or individual because of that.

  1. Quality standards

Associations follow certain rules and standards that they implement to all of their members. These rules are usually codes of best practices that protects the public. So if a brand or an individual is a member of the association, it means that it has passed the code of best practices of the associations. This is a good reflection in the image of the company.

These are just some of the many benefits that an individual or company can get when they belong to an association. In CPA, all our members have access to group general liability insurance, quarterly newsletters, and additional member benefits. That is why, we invite others to join us today to avail all these.

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